Did You Know?

IMG_0036What We Do:

LoL serves nutritious lunches Monday-Friday during extended school holidays (spring break, summer and Christmas break) and weekends. Each  lunch costs approximately $0.75 and is made with love inside the kitchen of our main facility located in Rosenberg.

Inside Every Bag:

  •  Main Entree- sandwich, spaghetti or hot dog
  •  Goldfish, pretzels or wheat thins
  •  Fruit, yogurt, or low fat snack
  •  Juice or Water

Many children living in families facing food insecurity rely on school lunch as their only meal of the day.  Lunches of Love is here to help fill the gap during extended school holidays (spring break, summer vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas break) and weekends. We offer children in need a nutritious sack lunch and a snack.

In our community, a large percentage (over 87% – Title 1 Schools) of our children are on free and reduced lunches during the school year.  Many of these children would go hungry without LoL.

“Texas ranks 3rd in the nation for food insecurity, meaning one in five adults and one in four children in our state are hungry, and that is simply unacceptable.”  – Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples

Hunger impairs our children’s health in significant and long-lasting ways:

  • Impedes growth and development
  • More illness, including stomach- and headaches, colds, ear infections and fatigue
  • Poorer mental health
  • More hospitalizations
  • Have impaired cognitive functioning and diminished capacity to learn
  • Achieve lower test scores and overall school performance

YOUR help will make a difference in a child receiving a nutritious meal or going hungry!